Marketing 11

Interview With An Entrepreneur


My interview was held with the owner of LeGear Pelling Insurance, Andrew Tablotney. LeGear Pelling Insurance sells car, house, and travel insurance.


1. What made you want to start to want your own business? We started LeGear Pelling Insurance because there is a good market for insurance, and not many agencies in this area.


2. What process did you go through to start your own business? Well, I was much younger than my partners when LeGear Pelling was founded. Mr. LeGear and Mr. Pelling both already had a book of business, so they held a greater share of the company. The agreement we made when we started working together was that I would buy their book of business when they retired.


3. How does your business “give back” to the community or to society? Our company gives back to the community through Operation Red Nose, which gives transportation options to those who have been drinking, in order to keep drunk drivers off the road. We also sponsor dry grads at local high schools.



From this interview I learned that in order to successfully start a company you must have a market to sell to. There must be a need in the area for your service. Being involved in the community is key to making people aware of your service, for example Andrew promotes his company that sells car insurance by being involved in a project to keep drunk drivers off the road.



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